Oh Jerusalem!

Jerusalem- a divided city which throbs with history, co-habitation, and modernity. We spend but a few days here but found a city of contradictions. We were not on a religious pilgrimage but instead on a historic tour through the Middle East. This distinction seems important as, at times, I did feel like an outsider gawking … Continue reading Oh Jerusalem!


Three’s a crowd – booking through third party websites

I'm never quite sure whether I'm getting the deal of the century or getting duped when it comes to booking through third party sites. I don't have extensive experience and tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to paying for travel. However, this is in contrast to my scheming mindset where … Continue reading Three’s a crowd – booking through third party websites

Dressing appropriately and respectfully when travelling

I'm a kiwi, summer attire for me is a summer dress, a hat, sunscreen and potentially some jandals (flip flops for the non-kiwi readers). So travelling through hot countries where I need to be mindful of religious an cultural norms can be a bit tricky. Here's my go to list of essential, modest travel gear … Continue reading Dressing appropriately and respectfully when travelling

North Africa and the Eastern Med in three simple weeks Рour itinerary 

It seems as if we do our "big" trips from fair Aotearoa every even year and 2016 is no exception. On Friday Darryl and I are flying out from Auckland International Airport on Emirates to Casablanca for three packed weeks getting a taste for this part of the world by exploring six countries in three … Continue reading North Africa and the Eastern Med in three simple weeks – our itinerary¬†

Beautiful Brisbane and Bribie Island

Christmas 2015 sees us packing up from Auckland and all decamping to Bribie Island just off the coast of Brisbane for a family get together. The brief? A relaxing break for our family, spanning in age from 3 - 61 years old, where we can spend time together as well as get out and forge … Continue reading Beautiful Brisbane and Bribie Island

Stretching your family’s travel dollars

One thing that Darryl and I know how to do is stretch our travel money. We aren't super cheap, and never forgo activities because we think we can't afford it, but why spend money unnecessarily? Flights and insurance: I check all flights through Skyscanner; sometimes taking a more circuitous route, or flying on an airline … Continue reading Stretching your family’s travel dollars